Domain registration .reisen

В немецкоязычных странах "reisen" — это термин, означающий путешествия. Благодаря доменному имени .REISEN у немецкоязычных сайтов о путешествиях теперь есть свое собственное онлайн-пространство. Туристические агентства, отели и другие предприятия теперь имеют новый способ продвижения своего бизнеса в Интернете для немецкоязычного рынка. Физические лица и группы могут с помощью домена .REISEN вести блог о путешествиях, делиться фотографиями и организовывать туристические маршруты.

When registering a domain, it is worth considering that the minimum number of characters in the site name 3 , and the maximum — 63. It is important that the site name is easy to remember and reproduce by your visitors.

You can transfer a domain from another registrar. The current registration price $23.39, and domain renewals for the next year $23.39. Domain in the zone .REISEN is possible to buy for a period of 1 to 10 years.

We are always on the lookout for the best prices for domains. Domain discounts are valid only for first year registrations. Also, the promotional price does not apply to premium domains.

Free month of hosting

If you register a domain with our company, you can get a month of hosting as a gift. This is a full-fledged hosting under the Simple tariff plan, which includes all its features. So you can immediately start using your domain: park it on hosting, set up mail, install scripts in one click, or use the constructor.


Website builder for a month

You will have a whole month to start and maybe complete the creation of your website or store on your domain. And if all goes well, then you can renew your plan on normal terms or expand it to several sites and continue to grow your business. Ready to get started? Create a request to the support center and get a promo code!

Mail on your own domain

Mail on your own domain is a new level. Imagine what the mail will look like on your business card. You no longer use public mail services, only you and your employees have such an email. Take your business to the next level now!

Free SSL certificate

In addition, you can also use the Let's Encrypt SSL certificate, which is included in every plan of our hosting. It will make data transfer secure by working over an HTTPS connection. This certificate is easy to use, easy to install on a single domain, and secures your customers' data with encryption.

Protection of personal information

Protect your personal data with the PrivacyProtect service. By activating the data privacy protection service, you will hide registration data in public databases, information from which is available through WHOIS. For $6/year, the WHOIS information will be replaced with general PrivacyProtect information.

With every domain

By registering domains in HOSTLIFE, each of our clients receives a package of privileges for each domain:

Website builder for a month

Free month of hosting

Managed DNS

Auto-renewal of services

Child DNS

Protection of personal information

Notifications in Telegram

Theft protection

Registration certificate

Help with re-registration

Frequently Asked Questions about Domains

You have questions? We have already answered them.
What is and why do you need a domain?

A domain name and a website are often confused, considering it to be one and the same. In fact, they are different things. A website or web page is what you see on your computer screen when you access the appropriate address. A domain is the name of your site, which serves to identify a web page on the network, its address on the Internet.

How to register a domain?

You can register a domain either from the "Domains" menu section on our website, or select the "Domains" menu in the "Our Services" section after authorization in the billing panel, and follow the billing instructions. If you have several profiles and you need to register a domain for one of them, you need to select the desired profile from the billing panel before placing an order for the domain and confirm your choice.

What NS to install when registering a domain?

There are several options, consider them in more detail:
1) You want to register a domain and link it to our hosting. In this case, you need to place a single order for hosting with the registration of a new domain. Necessary settings for Name-servers will be set automatically by the system.
2) You already have an order for hosting, and register a domain for later addition to our hosting. In this case, you need to specify our NS, of the following form:
where X and Y are the numbers of the Name servers, which depend on the server where the hosting account is located. You received this data from us by email when activating the hosting.
3) The domain name needs to be parked on a third-party server. In this case, you need to specify those Name-servers that your hosting provider provided you with.

How long does it take to register a domain?

Domain name registration usually takes from 30 minutes to an hour from the moment of payment for the order. However, in order for the domain to start opening, you will have to wait until the DNS servers are updated. This may take from 1 to 24 hours. Until this happens, the status of a domain can be checked through any WHOIS service.

Do we register cyrillic domains?

Registration of cyrillic domains is carried out according to the usual scheme, with the only difference that Punycode is indicated as the name. You can get such a code using any Punycode converter, of which there are a great many on the network today.

Can I register domains in bulk?

Yes, there is such a possibility. You need to enter the billing panel, select the "Domains in bulk" menu in the "Our services" section, enter the desired domains in the field that opens, each from a new line. After entering the domains, you need to check them for availability for registration, and continue placing an order. At the next step, you need to select the primary and secondary Name servers (common for all domains or individual for each), and profiles for which domains will be registered. Invoices will be generated separately for each domain name. In this situation, it is convenient to use auto-payment of bills, then you just need to replenish your account balance with the required amount. Auto-pay is enabled in your account settings.

How to transfer a domain to us for service from another registrar?

The procedure for changing a domain registrar is called a transfer, we carry out the transfer for all domains except Russian (ru, su, rf).
Before proceeding with the transfer to us, the current registrar must provide you with an Auth Code and unlock the domain for transfer. If you have a transfer code and the domain is not blocked, then in the billing go to the "Our services" - "Domains" section, in which, opposite your domain zone, click "Order". After going to the order page, select "Domain name transfer to us". Next, follow the prompts of the system.
The duration of the procedure depends on the issuing registrar, and usually takes 5-7 days.
The funds paid for the transfer will be used to renew the domain. Upon completion of the transfer, 1 year will be added to the validity period of the domain.

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