DDoS Protection (10 Mbps clear traffic)

20$ monthly

DDoS Protection (25 Mbps clear traffic)

50$ monthly

DDoS Protection (50 Mbps clear traffic)

100$ monthly

DDoS Protection (100 Mbps clear traffic)

200$ monthly

DDoS Protection (250 Mbps clear traffic)

500$ monthly

DDoS Protection (500 Mbps clear traffic)

1000$ monthly

DDoS Protection (750 Mbps clear traffic)

1500$ monthly

DDoS Protection (1 Gbps clear traffic)

2000$ monthly

How does HOSTLIFE DDoS protection work?

Our DDoS protection is based on distributed cleaning centers, which allows you to quickly divert traffic for cleaning, cut off illegitimate traffic and just as quickly return legitimate traffic to your site. You pay only for pure traffic received on secure sites and the minimum tariff starts from $20 per month, which is a fairly affordable price on the market. The more popular the attacked resource, the more expensive the tariff will be required to protect it.

Who needs a DDoS protection service?

As it usually happens, customers contact us with an existing problem, but it's better to worry about protection in advance and activate the service "just in case". Whatever area your project belongs to, there is still competition in it, and if the competition is weak, then this may be due to the presence of large players who do not let newcomers into their market.

Take care of your protection today so that your tomorrow is not overshadowed by such a popular nuisance for Internet resources as a DDoS attack.

How to activate the DDoS protection service?

If you have an existing virtual or dedicated server, you need to log into your account and order DDoS protection of the required capacity in the additional services menu for a specific server. In the event that you have several servers and the task of enabling protection for each of them is set, you will have to do this procedure several times. When ordering a new dedicated or virtual server, DDoS protection tariffs will be offered at one of the stages. After payment, create a request to our support center to connect protection. You will be given a special IP from our secure network. After the protection is enabled, all traffic will be directed to the nearest cleaning center, and only clean traffic will return, for which you will have to pay.

An honest model with a guarantee of results! Connection is carried out around the clock and any day of the week!

How do we ensure high quality

Distributed infrastructure

Our infrastructure is built using Global Session technology, which ensures maximum continuity in the event of failure of any of its elements. Thus, even if a natural disaster or fire occurs at one point of presence, as a result of which the cleaning center is no longer available, you will be switched to another nearest node. You will not experience interruptions in work.

Dynamic filtering configuration

FlowSense filter constantly analyzes all data streams going to your server, tracks anomalies and automatically determines the type of attack. After that, the protection parameters are dynamically adjusted to this type of attack using the BGP FlowSpec and the API of our system.

Static content caching

Our protection is based on the CDN principle, as a result, large files are automatically cached in the RAM of our servers and delivered to clients instantly. This means that under the protection of HOSTLIFE your site will work faster, because RAM is faster than any existing storage systems. HyperCache technology removes most of the load from your server, allowing you to make better use of its performance, and the site to load faster.

Frequently Asked Questions about DDoS Protection

You have questions? We have already answered them.
What is a DDoS attack?

Distributed network attacks are often referred to as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. This type of attack exploits certain bandwidth limits that are common to any network resources, such as the infrastructure that provides the conditions for the operation of a company's website. A DDoS attack sends a large number of requests to the attacked web resource in order to exceed the site's ability to handle them all and cause a denial of service.

How do I know if my project needs DDoS protection?

If you have come to this section of our site, it means that your Internet business has undergone difficult tests in the form of short-term interruptions or the complete cessation of your site. In this case, you need to enable protection corresponding to the used width of the connection port of the server on which the web project is located. For the duration of the attack, we can reduce the connection port, but in this case, you will also lose targeted traffic.

Which DDoS protection plan should I choose?

For example, you use a virtual server with a 50Mbit/s connection, then you need a tariff plan greater than or equal to the width of your server's connection. If the attacked object is located on a dedicated server with a 1Gbit/s connection, then here we can proceed from the amount of port utilization under normal operating conditions. To do this, our experts will analyze traffic consumption statistics in the period before the start of a DDoS attack and determine the optimal protection rate for you. For the duration of the DDoS protection connection, the server connection port will be cut to the size set by the protection tariff plan.

How is DDoS protection enabled/disabled?

When you purchase our DDoS protection package, we allocate a special IP for you from our secure network, to which the attacked objects (your domains) are directed. After that, all incoming traffic is sent along the shortest route to the nearest filtering center, where targeted traffic is separated from harmful traffic and returned to your server by the same route. Disabling the DDoS protection package is done in reverse order.

How to understand that a DDoS attack is over?

A DDoS attack is not rain, it is organized by attackers to disable your business. They can temporarily stop the attack in order to save their money, because organizing a DDoS attack is no cheaper than repelling it, and then resume the attack. There are two ways to find out if an attack is currently underway, by disabling protection or by submitting a request to our NOC through the ticket system. Chart analysis and response usually takes one business day.

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