Choose your hosting plan for Joomla

Did you know? Paying for hosting to a long period, you get not only a discount, but also a domain as a gift!

Joomla Lite

1 site

Unlimited disk

Antivirus + Antispam

Script Auto Installer

Let's Encrypt SSL


24x7 support

from 3.75$ per month

Joomla Pro

5 sites

Unlimited disk

Antivirus + Antispam

Script Auto Installer

Let's Encrypt SSL


24x7 support

from 7.50$ per month

Joomla Business

20 sites

Unlimited disk

Antivirus + Antispam

Script Auto Installer

Let's Encrypt SSL


24x7 support

from 11.25$ per month

Hosting for Joomla - our solution from your problems!

Having many years of experience, we simply collected all the Joomla requirements in one place, and also took into account the wishes of our customers, after which we prepared and tested everything on a separate server. Thus, a whole group of tariff plans was formed and a new block of servers was created for it. Deployment flexibility, download speed and stability are guaranteed.

Create your site now

Your expert in Joomla

We have been installing, configuring, fixing, migrating Joomla sites since the day we founded our company. Need a site transfer? No problem, contact us!

Domain as a gift

The site starts with domain registration, usually for a fee, but not now - buying WordPress hosting for a year or more, each of our clients has the right to register a domain for free!

Why CMS Joomla?

Joomla! tries to keep things as simple as possible while still providing great opportunities. Finally, people who don't know how to code can have full control over their sites without spending a lot of money on closed source software.

Special servers for Joomla

Everything you need for maximum WordPress performance right now! Twice as many resources as standard hosting. Specially configured servers!

Best for developers

Joomla is open source at the highest level, which is why it is so convenient for developers to work with it. Most often, this engine is chosen for portfolios, portals, corporate sites.

Decided to create a site on Joomla?
It's easy!

Just 3 simple steps and you are already online.

Hosting for Joomla

Open your hosting account for Joomla. To do this, log in to your cPanel or DirectAdmin control panel.


Park your domain

To deploy a Joomla site, you will need a domain. By adding a domain, you thereby create a folder for the site.


Install Joomla

Start your Joomla installation with the one-click auto-installer. If you need help, contact our experts!

Features for optimal Joomla performance

Our Joomla hosting is provided with all the necessary features for a stable and fast CMS. You can enjoy all the features of WordPress with HOSTLIFE hosting!

Optimized for SEO

Get more organic traffic to your website day by day. The built-in module for SEO optimization will allow you to break into the tops of search results and will bring more and more unique visitors to the site.

Joomla Accelerator

LSCache is automatically configured for all Joomla sites deployed on Joomla hosting servers, which is the best Joomla Cache plugin.

Extra services

Each tariff can be supplemented with the necessary components from the list below. You can add or remove additional services in the order settings.

Switching to a higher plan : ($0.00 - Free)

Switching to a tariff lower plan : ($10.00 - One time)

Additional domain name : (from $1.00 - Monthly)

Permanent access to SSH : ($5.00 - Monthly)

Dedicated IP address : ($5.00 - Monthly)

Script installation service : (from $10.00 - One time)

SSL certificate : (from $15.00 - Annually)

Frequently Asked Questions about Joomla hosting

You have questions? We have already answered them.
Why do you need CMS hosting?

CMS is a ready-made content management system created by developers for the convenience of site owners. During the development process, each software product generates requirements for the environment in which it will be used. Therefore, not every hosting is suitable for CMS. Thus, our CMS hosting creates an ideal environment for popular content management systems.

What are the limitations on CMS hosting?

We do not hide the fact that the unlimited model of providing shared hosting services still has its limitations. On the tariffs of standard hosting, 200 GB of disk space is available for the entire account. Processes must use no more than 1024MB of server RAM and no more than 40 concurrent processes from a single user.

Does the hosting have a script auto-installer?

The hosting uses the Softaculous script auto-installer, with which you can install popular CMS engines in a couple of clicks: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, PrestaShop, OpenCart, phpBB and others.

What basic software is installed on the servers?

All hosting servers use CloudLinux 6 operating system, Apache 2.4, lsphp 5.6, MySQL 5.6 are installed.

Which PHP vervions are supported in hosting?

The hosting supports the following PHP versions: 4.4, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4. The choice of the required version is made through the PHP selector in the hosting account control panel.

Looking for something else?

We have a full range of services required for website building and webmastering:

Standard hosting

A solid foundation for a growing website

From 1 to ∞ sites

Unlimited Disk

Antivirus + Antispam

Let's Encrypt SSL

from 1.87$ per month

Premium hosting

For sites with high requirements

From 5 to 20 sites

Unlimited Disk

Antivirus + Antispam

Let's Encrypt SSL

from 14.99$ per month

CMS hosting

Specialized solutions for CMS

From 1 to 20 sites

Unlimited Disk

Antivirus + Antispam

Let's Encrypt SSL

from 3.74$ per month

Backup hosting

Guaranteed safety of your sites

1 domain

1 FTP account

Up to 1 TB HDD

Unlimited traffic

from 2.25$ per month


The best solution for startups

Unlimited sites

Up to 192 GB SAS space

Up to 12 GB RAM

Up to 8 CPU cores

from 7.19$ per month


For speed-demanding websites

Unlimited sites

Up to 144GB SSD space

Up to 12 GB RAM

Up to 8 CPU cores

from 8.99$ per month


Solution for progressive projects

Unlimited sites

Up to 144 GB NVMe space

Up to 12 GB RAM

Up to 8 CPU cores

from 10.79$ per month

Dedicated servers

The best solution for corporate clients

Unlimited sites

500 GB to 8 TB space

16 GB to 128 GB RAM

4 to 20 CPU cores

from 80.10$ per month

30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee

Within 30 days you can exercise the right to a refund if for some reason our services did not suit you.